wudSIE 2021

wudSIE - Our online world

November 11, 2021

wudSIE - Our online world

, Piemonte

November 11, 2021
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wudSIE - Our online world

This year World Usability Day’s challenge stems from the awareness of the changing contexts resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic.

In a short span of 30 years, the Internet has transformed our lives and reduced the world to a global village. From business meetings to medical appointments, many of our daily activities have become virtual.

Now we are faced with the challenges of designing for our online world:
The challenge will be to design a world that is as human-sized as possible, where technology assists humans and not the other way around, i.e., serving users and not conflicting with their real needs. Secondly, it will be necessary to eliminate as far as possible the barriers to accessing the new digital tools, from a perspective as inclusive as possible, so as not to further widen the differences between rich and poor.

If this goal is clear and well defined to those who must work to achieve it, with particular attention to ethics, which is nothing more than “living well together”, it will be possible to gain greater confidence in the use of digital tools.

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Organised by SIE, Società Italiana di Ergonomia e Fattori Umani


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