WUD Würzburg 2022, Germany

WUD Würzburg, Germany

November 3, 2022

WUD Würzburg, Germany

Würzburg, Bavaria

November 3, 2022
09:00 - 13:00
How to Attend
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Host City

Würzburg Bavaria,

WUD Würzburg, Germany

This year we meet up for the seventh time on World Usability Day to have workshops, talks and discussions on Usability, User Experience, Design & Testing and Human Factors.

Learn more about the event and join us on wud-wuerzburg.de!


latest information on speakers and their topics can be found on http://wud-wuerzburg.de


Körber supports us as bronce sponsor this year.

Event Leaders

The Chair for Psychological Ergonomics of the University of Wuerzburg organizes the local event for the 10th time.
Our valuable longterm design partner is the wonderful team from jo’s buero, who renew the face of WUD Wuerzburg each year.
This year we are additionally supported by stadt.land.wü – a partnership we hope to last for upcoming adventures!

As all the other events happening in the DACH region we are grateful for the German UPA facilitating structure and contributing experience!


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