World Usability Day: Pair Design Practicies

November 9, 2023
18:30 - 20:30
How to Attend
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Join Zach Gabbert of Humana's Experience Center for a presentation about collaboration, cooperation

Who Should Attend

About our event

You may have heard of pair programming as a working method used by developers to reduce errors and to have immediate feedback.

As a highly collaborative discipline, design is a ripe field to leverage the pair design working method in the creation and development of products. As they say, two heads are better than one.

Learn more about pair design from a philosophical and practical viewpoint — how to pair, when pairing is most useful, and how pairing might be practiced even in environments where a designer is a team of one.

About our speaker

Zach Gabbert, he/him

Zach was raised in a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky, and moved to New England in 2020 to start my current position with Humana’s Experience Center.

He currently lives in Providence, RI, where he works for Humana, a healthcare and insurance company, as a Senior Product Designer. He works in a segment that focuses on innovative solutions for healthcare delivery as a product designer in Humana’s Experience Center.

Humana Experience Center

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We are explorers, listeners, creators, and thinkers working together to accelerate organizational learning and healthcare innovation. Our bias for action allows us to quickly incubate, test, and iterate on products that leverage leading-edge technologies.


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