PhillyCHI: World Usability Day 2020

PhillyCHI: World Usability Day 2020

November 18, 2020

PhillyCHI: World Usability Day 2020

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

November 18, 2020
18:30 - 20:00
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Host City

Philadelphia Pennsylvania,
United States

PhillyCHI: World Usability Day 2020

Join PhillyCHI for an evening of remote presentations (via Zoom) to celebrate WUD 2020!

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World Usability Day aims to bring communities together around the world to learn how to ensure services and products are easier to access and simpler to use, and we are thrilled to host another event right here in Philly.

This year’s WUD theme is Human-Centered AI. The theme is meant to explore both the excitement and the accompanying fear of the advanced technologies humanity is creating for itself. This educational and celebratory event seeks to explore design systems that are both highly automated and allow a great degree of user control. If we can design AI which is “reliable, trusted, and safe” we can dramatically enhance human performance in the coming decade.


Who Should Attend

All interested attendees are welcome


6:30: Welcome and Introductions

6:50: Presentations (each presentation will include a short Q&A)

8:00: Raffle and Wrap-up



Siri, You Have to Be Carefully Taught

Marli Mesibov – Lead Content Strategist, Verily Life Sciences

In order to develop AI that is delightful, it must first be unbiased. Marli’s research into chatbots, conversational interfaces, and voice interfaces shows that racism and bias are present in these systems, and the reason is clear: an algorithm is only as strong as the strategy, taxonomy, and user testing that creates it. In this talk, learn concrete tactics for developing unbiased AI including through the people we hire to develop our products, and the ways in which we test and create the initial content.

Marli has been helping people understand doctors, hospitals, and health insurers for over a decade. Marli is a frequent conference speaker, a former editor of the UX publication UX Booth, and was voted one of MindTouch’s Top 25 Content Strategist Influencers. Marli can also be found on Twitter, where she shares thoughts on UX Design, content strategy, and healthcare. You can learn more about her and her work at


Collaboration between UX designers and data scientists for co-designing AI futures

Vinita Atre – UX Designer, Wonderlic

Machine learning (ML) systems are trained on existing data sets, but they will adapt to new inputs like human behavior in ways we often cannot predict before they happen. Because experiences powered by ML are nonlinear, nor based on static business or design rules, we need to adapt our user research and feedback strategies accordingly. This means planning ahead in the product cycle for nontraditional evaluation, user research, and quantitative measurement. In this fascinating talk, attendees will learn an ideal product cycle for UX Designer / Data Scientist collaboration that helps create ethical and beneficial AI. 

Vinita is a UX designer and researcher originally from India and currently working in Chicago. She aims to bridge gap between real human needs and potential of technology. In her free time, she loves to cook and play chess. 


AI Adoption in Healthcare

Christopher Kim, MD – Director of Human Factors and Usability, Bresslergroup

Artificial Intelligence has made a substantial impact in healthcare, but it has not been adopted to the same degree in all medical fields. Discover how the balance between algorithm and human practitioner capabilities has led to the varying degrees of AI adoption within the fields of radiology, internal medicine, and surgical robots.

Chris has an insider’s perspective on what it takes to create a successful medical device. He earned his doctor of medicine, as well as his bachelor’s in biology and music, from the University of Pennsylvania, and he spent nearly nine years as Penn Medicine’s sleep medicine research and development director. Chris’s medical background gives him a helpful analytical framework — similar skills are required to determine the root cause of a use event and to find a diagnosis. At Bresslergroup, Chris is responsible for medical device-related user research. When Chris isn’t working, he’s likely playing golf, teaching an indoor cycling class, or spending time with his family.



Thank you to our event sponsor, Bresslergroup!

Bresslergroup is an insight-driven innovation lab. Our strategists, researchers, designers, and engineers are trusted by forward-thinking leaders to solve inspiring design challenges in a constantly evolving product landscape. We drive innovation that fuels growth in categories ranging from consumer products, including IoT, to medical devices. Based in the heart of downtown Philly, we partner with U.S. and international clients who range from startups to global brands.


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