WUD 2019, Munich, Germany

WUD 2019, Munich, Germany

November 14, 2019

WUD 2019, Munich, Germany

München, Bayern

November 14, 2019
13:00 - 17:30
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München Bayern,

WUD 2019, Munich, Germany

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On November 14, 2019, the World Usability Day in Munich took place at smartvillage, provider of workshop and co-working space. From 1pm to 6pm the event addressed the theme of this year Designing for the future we want.

Design has a large influence in the human behaviors. We all believe that we can work on a better future on the long term, but frequently the work ends with the short term results.


To this large and complex topic we had 5 presentations:

  • Design principles for machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to avoid unconscious bias – Dorith Mayer, Avanade
  • Guidelines for augmented reality based on a research project for brain surgery – Dominik Zenth, UID
  • Multi-device design and new UI technology such as voice interface leads to new scenarios. This requires to adjust the usability methods accordingly – Martin Jentsch and Johannes Huber, designaffairs
  • Collaboration of a software agency for the digital transformation of a NGO – Konrad Jarocinski, netguru
  • UX of digital assistants which create user experiences on their own – Dr. Christian Kahl, CyberSolutions


There were many interaction with the public through

  • 1 podium discussion
  • Interaction with the public during the presentations
  • 5 workshops to find creative solutions around autonomous vehicles – Claudia Zöhrer, Usability Academy
  • 1 Open Space with up to 7 slots with topics provided by the participants
  • 2 coffee breaks 🙂
  • 1 get together after the event


The program in German including abstracts is published at the gupamuc.de web site.

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See also the World Usability Day München in 2023.


Event Leaders

This event is organized by local user experience professionals on a voluntary basis with the support of German UPA.


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