Yonkers, NY, USA 2018


Consumer Reports Celebrates World Usability Day!

Consumer Reports Celebrates the Annual World Usability Day! 
In an ever growing and evolving marketplace, it’s often difficult for consumers to distinguish between well designed and poorly designed products. Bad design can hinder or harm while good design can delight and make life easier. That’s what this year’s World Usability Day is about. At Consumer Reports (CR), we know that usability is a critical ingredient for an optimal consumer experience. CR buys, tests, and evaluates products the same way consumers do – whether they’re buying a new car, upgrading a smartphone, opening a new credit card or remodeling their home. For 80 years, we have worked side by side with consumers to provide the knowledge they need to make more informed choices, with an eye on creating a fairer, safer, and healthier marketplace for all.

To celebrate, we will highlight testing procedures that demonstrate ease-of-use and convenience features in a variety of products from car seats to smart home products to food labels.