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The importance of user-centered design in healthcare is truly life or death. Whether it's new medical devices or technologies; drug research, approval or delivery; patient forms or medical record sharing; or increasing the functionality of hospitals and everyday healthcare delivery, everyone is affected in some way by the intersection of usability in healthcare. There are many commonalities, yet each region of the world faces its own set of unique challenges.

UXPA Minnesota

Celebrate World Usability Day 2013 with UXPA MN as we focus on this year's theme of: "Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems".  

Join us to hear from three local leaders representing different facets of the health care industry.  Each will present a case study on a recent project in which they found the solution to their challenges through collaboration.  We'll end the evening with a lively panel discussion, led by Joe Williams, and an opportunity for you to pose your own questions to these experts.

World Usability Day in the "D" (Detroit) - The Real Usability of

Usability is vitally important to many areas of the healthcare industry. The user population can broadly be divided into health care professionals, health care administrators, and consumers with no medical training.  This talk will outline what is important for these various “user groups”, hone in on what is important for the growing group of “Consumer” users, and do a deep-dive on, which has been in the media for much of this year,

Crescendo-ing…er …“Crash-scendo-ing”…

…in early October.

What's the health of our eHealth systems?


  • David Liljequist, Vårdförbundet: Annoying or supporting - the usability of eHealth systems in 2013
  • Malin Misaghi & Jonatan Wentzel, Usify: How to benefit from large health related development projects
  • Maria Hägglund, Karolinska Institutet: User centred methods in developing national services for citizens, project "Mina vårdflöden".
  • Isabella Scandurra, Uppsala University: Deployment of Online Medical records and eHealth services, research on development and deployment of patients' journals online

UX Budapest Meetup: UX az egészségügyben

Az idei World Usability Day témája az egészségügy, ehhez kapcsolód lesz a mostani évad első meetupja. 


• Béky Zsófia (B.Braun) a Use error-okról és a Use risk management-ről 

• Czupi Bálint (GE Healthcare) A felhasználási környezet definiálása, standardok, user testing 

• Könczöl Eszter (GE Healtchcare) Koncepcióképzés, munkafolyamat elemzés 

• Norbert Krizsán (GE Healthcare) User interface tervezés, a termék elhelyezése a fejlesztési környezetben


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