Single sessions that are held at a physical location.

Digital working environment

Breakfast seminar on digital working environment. 15 minute presentations and discussion around the following topics:

- Development of a new reporting system for the Swedish  Police, in close co-operation with end users.

- Findings of a member survey done by the union Vision, on ICT in welfare

- Current legislation and work in progress in the Swedish Work Environment Authority

Round-up discussion led by a representative for the Swedish IT and Telecom Industries

Engaging IT is engaging!

Bra IT engagerar! Både i användning och framtagning av dem. STIMDI vill uppnå båda sakerna i år. Därför har vi bjudit in ett antal inspirerande personer och företag som ska hjälpa oss att leda design workshops. Som deltagare får du möjlighet att jobba med olika teman och själv lösa designproblem.

inUse: Effektstyrning
Hur man kommunicerar användargrupper och mål, och prioriterar sina insatser för maximal effekt och nytta för organisation och användare.

Usable Privacy for the Web

Julio Angulo, PhD candidate at KAU (Karlstad University), working on usable privacy, i.e. usability questions pertaining to privacy and security functions of internet services, is just back from four months as an internship at Google Zürich and will speak about KAU and Google research on usable privacy in cloud services.

We will meet at the town library around 4 pm. The presentation start 16:15 and will last for 40 minutes after which questions and opinions can be voiced. Thereupon we decide for a pub for in-depth discussions and possibly some beverage.

World Usability Day Bamberg

At the World Usability Day on 13 November 2014 interested guests in Bamberg have the possibility to get a tour of the usability lab of the Human-Computer Interaction Group. The visitors get a demonstration of the lab's eye tracker and have the opportunity to test the eye tracker themselves.


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