World Usability Day – Healthcare: Collaborating For Better Systems

The importance of user-centered design in healthcare is truly life or death. Whether it's new medical devices or technologies; drug research, approval or delivery; patient forms or medical record sharing; emergency disaster planning or increasing the functionality of hospitals and everyday healthcare delivery, everyone is affected in some way by the intersection of usability in healthcare. There are many commonalities, yet each region of the world faces its own set of unique challenges.

UX Psychology - Designing for Emotion & Behavior Change

We will start this Meetup at our new location at twofour54 with a presentation by Jonathan Steingiesser on Designing for Emotion. This will be followed by an open discussion on the topic and some hands on participatory design on a travel app.

The topic this month is a very interesting part of UX - Psychology. We have two seed books. The first is a nice and easy to read book from A Book Apart:

World Usability Day in Istanbul

Dünya genelinde her yıl kutlanmakta olan World Usability Day etkinlikleri bu yıl 14 Kasım 2013, Perşembe günü saat 19:00 'da gerçekleşecektir.

UXPA İstanbul Chapter ( ) olarak bu etkinlikte sektör profesyonellerini ve akademisyenleri bir araya getirmek amaçlanmaktadır. Sektör uzmanlarının kısa konuşmalarının yer alacağı bu etkinlikte aynı zamanda ilgili uzmanlarla tanışma fırsatı bulacaksınız.

Austin's World Usability Day

Before I announce our speaker, I want to encourage you to get involved that evening with us. Many of us frequently interact with health products and services, and we'd like to know more about your interactions. Over the next few weeks, think about something you use (a website, the Nike FuelBand, a food-tracking app, your electronic toothbrush) and what makes it highly usable or in need of a usability overhaul. We'll spend some time at the beginning of the night going around the room and sharing stories. Feel free to bring the product if you'd like!

World Usability Day Mini-Conference & Happy Hour

Come celebrate World Usability Day with Centralis and Chicago Women of Design & UX (ChiDUXX)! This co-sponsored event will feature talks by women who are experts in creating optimal experiences for users in the healthcare domain. It will be a fun and informal event, with lots of time for discussion and mingling over refreshments. No need to be a woman or ChiDUXX member to come – the event is open to everyone! 

• Amy Willis, Director of UX & Visual Design, Pathfinder Software
• Joi L. Roberts, Senior UX Designer, Walgreens


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