Half Day Event

An event that lasts 3-4 hours, or half a day.

Michigan World Usability Day Conference

Michigan State University's Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting (UARC) will be hosting Michigan's 14th annual World Usability Day event on November 10, 2016. This year's global theme is Sustainable UX.  In the morning, recognized experts from industry will discuss real-world projects where they've incorporated UX/UCD best practices and user research to create effective, engaging user experiences and technologies.  We will also have an open house at UARC in the afternoon.

World Usability Day 2016 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The agenda of awesomeness:

• A tour and demo of our state-of-the-art usability lab 

• Explore and play with new technologies like brain activity monitoring, eye tracking and 3D gesture control systems

• A presentation and discussion on Sustainble Green UX

• Analyze the usability of your website and mobile applications

• Explore storyboarding and participatory design of a community application

• Play with some top secret revolutionary prototypes designed for Saudi

• Did we mention this is free and includes light refreshments?

World Usability Day 2015 at User Vision

It's here again for the 10th time! Once again we open our doors to celebrate World Usability Day with a free open house event to engage, amuse and entertain anyone who's interested in UX.  It's a great chance to get hands on with experience design and user research, and hear from those who put it into practice.

This year's theme is innovation, but what does innovation actually mean?  And what does it mean in the context of UX?  Come along any time between 2pm to 6pm find out more!


Университет ИТМО совместно с Таллинским университетом 6-7 ноября 2015 проводит двухдневное мероприятие, посвященное WUD.
Вечер докладов (6 ноября, 17:30):
1) Вступительное слово — Артём Смолин, руководитель магистерской программы «Дизайн человеко-компьютерных систем», заведующий кафедрой графических технологий Университета ИТМО; 
2) Приветственное слово — Davud Lamas, руководитель магистерской программы «Human Computer Interaction», глава лаборатории Interaction Design Lab Таллинского университета; 


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