Full Day Event

An event that lasts for an entire day.

WUD in Stuttgart, Germany

WUD you like to come?

Finally! On November 10, the World Usability Day WUD will continue its success story. Together with you, we would like to honor the day of usability and user experience (UX) with a proper celebration! And we've got good news: After the WUD 2015 was celebrated on a smaller scale - much to the regret of some long-standing fans - the 2016 celebrations will be held at the VHS Stuttgart in their usual setting and extent. And while we return to the former grandeur, we also have some novelties in store for you.

UxNow 2016

Namaste! While being rooted in user behaviour and need; design is an ever evolving discipline. It has drawn from diverse disciplines, be it art, architecture, psychology or even economics. Even today it continues to evolve in form as well as function. Today more than ever, there is focus on making experiences relevant and products purposeful. Product pioneers are making newer and better business models faster.

World Usability Day 2016

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) UX Section will be hosting World Usability Day at their Belconnen office on November 2nd 2016 and invite you to attend.

2016 is the year of Sustainable Green UX and focusses on making life easy. Both sustainability and UX are about creating the best experience for people.

Dia da Usabilidade 2016

O World Usability Day celebra-se desde 2005 por todo o mundo com o objetivo de sensibilizar a comunidade para a importância da Usabilidade na Educação, Saúde, Comunicação, Privacidade e Entretenimento.

Atendendo à excelente participação de 2015, este é mais um ano em que o Domínio de Investigação Aplicada PIU “Perception, Interaction and Usability”, do CCG: Centro de Computação Gráfica, se junta a este movimento, cujo tema é “Experiência do Utilizador Sustentável”.

A sustentabilidade e a experiência do utilizador estão ligadas tendo em conta que ambas pretendem criar a melhor experiência para as pessoas.

Os processos ecológicos e os produtos sustentáveis consideram objetivos como a reciclagem, reutilização e melhoria incremental.

Sugere pegar em produtos e serviços existentes e desenvolver formas de os refinar e redesenhar de modo a serem mais eficazes, eficientes e reutilizáveis enquanto melhoram a qualidade de vida dos seus utilizadores.

Para mais informações e consultar todos os eventos a decorrer em simultâneo, visite: www.worldusabilityday.org/

World Usability Day 2015 @ vTitan

A full day event having brainstorming sessions on how critical Usability is in Medical Device Design Development followed up with an open contest to all employees on writing what innovation mean to them and what they have done innovative in their area of expertise that has reflected in some improvement of the product being developed by us. At the end of the day the winning entries were selected and prizes were given out. 


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