Full Day Event

An event that lasts for an entire day.

Puget Sound WUD 2017

The world is changing and the climate of well-balanced and open society is not as prevalent as many of us would like.  Technology is developing alongside new political changes. This year, 2017 is a pivotal moment in history and we can help shape the course of events by the work we do.   

Inclusion through User Experience

If we need to talk about inclusion is because it is not yet sufficiently developed and diffused.
The theme emerges urgently from the global scenario, where political, environmental and social factors require new and more effective responses. Inclusion is a complex condition, which in itself is not easy to harmonize, as individual and social diversity, for example in access to educational, health, work, and technology opportunities.
For inclusion, participation is at the same time the goal and method, which feeds and needs from the beginning of the contribution and the active role of the members.
Technology, nowadays is more, more powerful, and economically accessible, it is an undeniable factor of inclusion and growth, a carrier infrastructure of opportunities for participation and competence development in many areas.
But if participation is a cultural property, what are the characteristics of the technologies that can best help it?

Laboratorio UX



Poner a prueba los conocimientos como Diseñadores de experiencia de usuario de los asistentes, a través de un laboratorio de UX en el cual se les pedirá diseñar una solución centrada en el usuario para un grupo vulnerable de la sociedad en México.

WUD Minsk 2017

Лучшие UX-специалисты Беларуси (и не только) поделятся опытом и наработками на ежегодной конференции WUD Minsk 2017. Встреча пройдет при поддерже белорусского сообщества «Дизайн кUXня».​ Так что вас ждут только самые сочные и полезные доклады.


Забронируйте время в календаре, а мы поделимся подробностями в ближайшее время.

World Usability Day New England Conference

The 2017 World Usability Day New England event is coming to beautiful Connecticut. Join us on November 9th for a day of educational presentations at the University of Connecticut Student Union building. We are predicting about 300 attendees and 15-20 speakers and vendors with sessions regarding Accessible documents, Website Design and Compliance, User Experience, Universal Design, and the latest Assistive Technology for education and employment, as well as accessible design in the home and community. Experts from these fields will be sharing their expertise through demonstrations and informative workshop sessions!


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