Full Day Event

An event that lasts for an entire day.

Clemson World Usability Day

Clemson World Usability Day Event Nov. 10th 2017 Schedule

10:00-10:30 Welcome & Trivia 10:30-11:20 Introduction to Web Accessibility
Dan Lewis, Office of Access and Equity
11:20-11:30 Trivia Break
11:30-12:20 Design of a Mobile Web-app to Support the Work Practices of CRNA Board Runners
Dr. Joel Greenstein, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering at Clemson
12:20-12:30 Trivia Break
12:30-1:00 Creating Heuristics to Assess Website Usability
Xue Ding & Valerie Smith, Professional Communication Graduate Students

Inclusion Through User Experience - Making Life Easier!

Limina is dedicating the day to offer free UX consultations to companies looking to improve the experience of their products and services. In the 60 minute session, you will meet with two UX specialists on our team to review your product. In the evaluation, we will seek out points of exclusion, such as slow speeds, bugs, bad workflow, inaccuracies and visual distractions that could lead to confusion

Cerner's World Usability Day Celebration

Cerner's Kansas City User Experience team is celebrating World Usability Day with a day full of events for associates. The day will include five speaker sessions covering topics like Universal Design and Accessibility, as well as an afternoon workshop. After the workday, Cerner will host the User Experience Professionals Association of Kansas City's evening Design Challenge event. 

WUD Minsk 2017

Международный день юзабилити близко

Готовы делиться лучшими UX-рецептами и узнавать секреты мастерства коллег? Тогда добро пожаловать на ежегодную конференцию WUD Minsk 2017. 

WUD Minsk 2017 пройдет при поддерже белорусского сообщества «Дизайн кUXня».​ Так что вас ждут только самые сочные и полезные доклады.

​Участие в конференции бесплатное, но требует предварительной регистрации!​

Новый формат


If we need to talk about inclusion is because it is not yet sufficiently developed and diffused.
The theme emerges urgently from the global scenario, where political, environmental and societal factors require new and more effective responses. Inclusion is a complex condition, including aspects not easy to harmonize, individual and social diversities, affecting the access to educational, health, work, and technology opportunities.


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