General Assembly presents: Inclusion By Design

When it comes to designing for users, truly profound design results in products that are universal and accessible to everyone. But what does it mean to design for inclusion and why does it even matter? 
Come join us and be part of the annual worldwide event to recognise the impact on the world creating technology, products and services that are inclusive at their core. Start the day inspired as we hear from a panel of local experts on what great inclusive design looks like, and why ignoring it is a detrimental mistake for all UX designers.  
Led by Lead GA UXDI Instructor, Susan Wolfe, the panel will cover questions such as:

  • What is inclusive design?
  • How does it influence what we design?
  • How does it influence our design process?
  • What would the world look like if design was more inclusive?
  • How does inclusive design affect politics and social impact?
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