Accessibility for UX Designers

Making the web a more accessible place may sound like a daunting task, but in this talk, Dean will give some practical advice on how to understand some of the issues that people with disabilities may face when using your website, and ways in which we can improve that experience.
During the talk, Dean will give an introduction to Accessibility and Assistive Technology, and discuss common patterns and trends, and see the impact that design decisions make on specific audiences. He will also show how using inclusive personas can help make your website more accessible.

Dean Birkett ( is a Freelance Senior UX Designer, with a particular focus on Accessibility. His most recent work has been a two year role with AssistiveWare in Amsterdam, designing solutions for assistive technology software for iOS and Mac OS X. Creating meaningful applications for people with physical, vision, communication and reading impairments.


The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences ( (AUAS) is one of the largest institutes for higher professional education in the Netherlands. With an extensive network of local and international partners, the M.Sc. program in Digital Design ( demonstrates the commitment of AUAS to explore new kinds of design-driven applied curricula. In the course of one intensive year, 24 students in Digital Design conduct research-through-design projects - from UX to IoT, to tangible and wearable devices - in close collaboration with researchers and industry stakeholders.

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